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  • What is Scratch Kids?

    Scratch Kids is a website that allows children to have fun making their own animations, interactive games and visual stories. The website makes use of simple coding, so that while children will take time to learn how to use it, this will be an educational experience for them.

  • What age group is Scratch Kids suited to?

    The website is designed with 8 to 16 year olds in mind. However, its user-base stretches beyond this range: older users regularly have fun with it, while younger children can also get involved with the help of their parents.

  • Is Scratch Kids easy to learn?

    The software is designed to make it easy for kids as young as 8 to get the hang of the its basics. The website contains a set of simple tutorials showing kids how to make basic games, animations and other projects.

  • What is the Scratch Kids community?

    The site includes a thriving community where users can share their work and also trade tips and advice, and ask each other questions if they get stuck. The community is overseen by a dedicated team who make sure that the conversation remains friendly for all users.

  • Do Scratch Kids users need to have a strong grasp of graphics?

    No. The games, animations and stories featured on the website demonstrate a wide range of different levels of sophistication, and the community encourages and celebrates other simpler styles from beginners and more advanced visual styles from experienced artists.

  • What are the system requirements for Scratch Kids?

    The sofware runs on Windows, ChromeOs, Mac and Linux operating systems. It will also require reasonably up-to-date copies of Flash Player and the browser of the user's choice (most popular browsers are suported).

  • Can the Scratch Kids software be downloaded and used while offline?

    Yes, the software includes an offline editor that can be used to create projects even if the user does not currently have an Internet connection. Of course, a connection will be needed to upload and share finished projects.

  • Is Scratch Kids free to use?

    Yes, the software is completely free to use, and the creators have announced that they fully intend to keep it that way. The official website does, however, contain a donations page, allowing fans of the program to voluntarily provide money in support of the project.

  • Is it possible to upload Scratch Kids projects using outdated software?

    Yes, it is possible to upload a project to the website even if it was created in software that is now out of date. The only caveat is that these projects cannot be downloaded by other users and edited in current software.

  • What are Scratch Kids Activity Cards?

    Because even the most tech-savvy kids tend to like traditional hands-on crafts, the site contains a set of Activity Cards which an be downloaded in PDF format, printed out, and glued together to form double-sided cards. The cards contain simple projects, so that kids can have instructions at hand when they use the software.